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Baby diapers pants

Baby diapers pants

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The main structure of diapers is divided into three layers, namely waterproof outer layer, water absorbing layer and water permeable and anti reverse osmosis inner layer.
1. Breathable and waterproof outer layer: the environmental protection material TPU breathable film is used as waterproof coating, which has good elasticity, softness, air permeability and can be stretched. It can be washed repeatedly for many times, which is not easy to be damaged and deformed. It can effectively prevent baby's urine leakage.
2. Water absorbing layer: the middle layer is used to place matching absorbent diapers. The matching diaper is made of bamboo fiber or superfine fiber cotton cloth, which is soft, absorbent and has no odor.
3. The inner layer of diaper pants is made of nappy cloth, which is very soft, water permeable, and can prevent back osmosis. The urine can be quickly absorbed into the urine pad through the lining. The fabric that contacts the baby's skin has only a slight moisture feeling, which is helpful to remind the baby to go to the toilet and cultivate the baby's convenient habits.
4. There is an opening at the back waist of the diaper, and the absorbent pad can be put into the diaper to effectively prevent diaper displacement.
5. The soft leg frame is elastic and tight to prevent side leakage of urine, even for active babies.
6. Elastic back waist to increase wearing comfort. There are multi-level adjusting buttons on the diapers. According to the baby's size, select the corresponding position, and then put a row of buttons to the corresponding position. It can be used by babies from three months to about three years old.

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